Nashville... Now

Happy New Year Everybody! I hope your holidays were relaxing and filled with family and love. I know mine were. As I look back on last year I realize two things: 1. The steps I have taken towards my goal are moving me forward (details below) and 2. Time can get away from me. In regard to the second of these, I am reading a book called "The Now Habit" by Neil Fiore that is really helping me to better understand my work habits and encouraging me to be a "producer" (a term used in the book) in 2017. Last year I did not do nearly enough writing although the songs I did write are being well received. "Change" was taken by Sea Gayle Music at an NSAI publisher pitch and "If I Make it to Sunday" is being recommended for the February publisher luncheon. However, I am beginning the year with a trip to Nashville and I have several writing appointments set up for January, so I am off to a great start in 2017. Although I did not check in with you all as often I would like, I am committing to do more of that too! I feel blessed watching an unexpected snowfall from my hotel room this morning as I begin a week of networking and pitching. I am hoping you all feel blessed as well.