No Pain, No Durango

Did you ever notice that when you take action you begin to see results? I mean it sounds simple, right? So how come when we desire something we often take no action towards our goal? One reason might be that we really don't believe that we will see results. However,  all we have to do is start eating right or begin a new exercise program and if it is done with any regularity we will begin to see benefits like a flatter stomach or increased strength. Jen and I are in exercise mode these days and although it is hard, we are seeing positive results. I expect that most people have experienced the benefits of hard work sometime in the past so we know it can really pay off. Another reason we don't take action might be fear of the work it will take to get what we want. This basically comes down to a question of, "How bad do you really want it?" Sometimes we just don't want "it" bad enough to justify the blood, sweat and tears necessary to get "it." A third cause of non-action might be a fear of the results themselves. A matter of, "What will happen when I get what I want?" Fear of the unknown can hold us back from a lot of things, even achieving what we desire. Whatever the reason, taking action can be daunting. Today I took a step of action that is difficult mostly for financial reasons. I booked another songwriting adventure and they don't come cheap. In late September I will be traveling to Colorado for the Durango Songwriter's Expo. I have heard about this conference for a few years now and it seemed high time I checked it out. Actually I had three different writers tell me I should go in the last couple months. So thanks to Nitanee Paris, Ian McCartor and Tiffany Gassett I am a little poorer but tremendously excited. And you know what? Even in the investigation and booking of this three day excursion I began to see how effort pays off. Between the work of maintaining friendships, attending the The Hawaii Songwriters Festival (OK, so maybe this one doesn't seem like work.), joining NSAI and my recent trip to Nashville my network is growing. Not so much a network of business contacts although it is that as well. But, a network of friends all on this crazy journey together and that is both comforting and encouraging. So I expect when I head to Durango in the Fall I will make some new contacts, learn something new about the craft and business of songwriting and most of all have a great time with the friends I am making along the way. I am glad I spent the money and made the effort to book this trip today. I can already see the benefits. Durango here I come.


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