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  1. The Other Side


The Other Side

The bedside clock is buzzin’, put my feet on the ground,
And realize I dread the day that lies ahead.
I catch your eye across the table; kids are runnin’ ‘round.
I want to kiss you slow, but girl I gotta go.
And the reason I can leave is you’ll be waiting here for me.

There’s nothing I can’t do, no pain I can’t get through,
As long as I know you are on the other side.
No trouble I can’t weather, so I’ll take on whatever,
As long as we’re together on the other side.

And while I wait I’ll anticipate the love that keeps me satisfied,
On the other side.

I can still remember how it used to be:
Afternoon delight, and stayin’ up all night.
When we talked about the future we just couldn’t see,
The things that try, today, to tear us both away.
But a time is commin’ soon, it’s gonna be just me and you.


If it takes longer the feeling grows stronger, and you know that makes it worth the ride,
To the other side.

And even someday when our life is through,
I know somewhere you’ll be waiting for me or I’ll be waiting for you.


And when I done, then I’m gonna run into your arms open wide,
On the other side,

T he other side.

Copyright, 2010, Raymy Krumrei