You Look Good on Me
Raymy Krumrei

I was the guy, a little bit shy, who nobody knew was there
But now I cruise in like a rockstar grinnin at a red carpet affair
My friends all see a brand new me and they want to know why
It’s not your style to take credit
But girl I’ve changed and you did it

You are the smile that I’m wearing from my head to my toes
Yeah you got me all dressed up in your love and now it’s startin’ to show
Ooh clothes might make the man but you took my hand, and made me the man that I want to be
Everyone can see that you look good on me.

I never thought I could find someone who fits me like you do
I swear I thought you were putting me on when you said you that loved me too
Now I can see a house and three kids in their Sunday best
It shows you never can tell then
Who knew I’d clean up well when…


C 2020 Raymy Krumrei