Patricia Bahia / Raymy Krumrei / Gary Lynn Floyd

Are you for real?
Cuz here’s the deal
I really want to trust the way I feel

But honestly
I could easily
Let my imagination get the best of me

What if this don’t work out? But what if it does?

It’s better if I don’t know
Where this is gonna go
If I know the way it’s ending
It could change how it’s beginning
With you here next to me
I love the mystery
Let me hold on to the hope of this moment
It’s better if I don’t know

My wildest dreams
Of what could be
Could never touch the feeling of your breath on me

And heaven knows
With your lips so close
I aint even thinkin’ where this road might go

Maybe it don’t work out…. but maybe it does


Maybe it won’t work out… but maybe it will


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