Raymy Krumrei is an award-winning songwriter and singer who writes in multiple genres. His song, "Daughter" recently won the Hawaii Songwriter's Festival's Song Contest, one of many awards his songs have received over the years. Raymy's songwriting journey, started when he was 10 years old; “I was really into The Monkeys until one day my mother ceremoniously passed on to me all her original Beatles LPs. I think this was her way to musically educate me and to save me from the copycats. Needless to say, my life was changed forever,” remarks Raymy.

Soon after he was introduced to the music of the Beatles, he began to write songs and to understand that there was a craft to it. As a piano player he was devouring the music of great songwriters like Carol King and Billy Joel among others and was patterning his own songs after theirs. Raymy now passes along his love of song craft to his students at Antelope Valley College where he teaches songwriting.

After receiving his BM degree from CSUN in voice and composition, Raymy found himself as director of sales and marketing for JVC Music and Triloka Records. It was during this time that he co-wrote the title track for Marc Johnson’s “Daydream.” In addition he executive produced Paul Hardcastle’s greatest hits album, “Cover to Cover.” 

Raymy is also known as the lead singer of the L.A. rock quintet Golden Ticket, which proved to be a great place to hone his songwriting chops along with fellow band mate and co-writer Andrew Morrison and to learn a great deal about performance. It was during this time that Raymy took the L.A. music award for “Best Male Vocalist” and secured songwriting awards in several competitions, including the Great American and John Lennon Songwriting Contests.

Soon after releasing their opus, “Imaginary Stars” (available on Spotify and Apple Music) Golden Ticket disbanded. At this time Raymy began to find other outlets for his creative energy. These included writing country songs with former band mate Andrew Morrison for which they secured a Nashville publishing deal. He also spent several years with the Academy of New Musical Theatre where he composed the score for a full length musical version of Cleopatra which was featured at the Stages Festival in Chicago.

After this, Raymy appeared as a finalist on "Gospel Dream," a nationally televised singing competition and began working as a demo and background singer in Los Angeles. As a vocalist on the Random Encounters YouTube channel, Raymy has been featured in videos with over 60 million views. His most rewarding musical role however is that of worship leader at Trinity Community Church in Lancaster California where he has served for many years. Raymy is active as a writer and vocalist and his current goals include securing a major label cut in Nashville.