Make Good
by Mark Glinski and Raymy Krumrei

Girl I know you’re wondering if you should take a chance on me
‘Cuz you’ve got a little love gone wrong in your history
You know I’m sorry for whatever he did
That’s a history I won’t be repeatin’
You can leave the bad back there, I guarantee
If you let me, I’ll...

Make good time rushing on my way to ya
Make good on every promise that I make to ya
I wanna say to ya, I’m gonna stay with ya
And love you like a good man should
Make good use of every day and night time
So we can make good memories for a lifetime
I’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout forever and if we got together girl
We could make good

We’ve got friends who folded with a winning card
And went runnin’ after greener grass in someone else’s yard
You’re the one I want there on my lock screen
And the one I want sharin’ my bedsheets
So I promise you here and now, even when its hard
I’ll be workin’ hard to…


So won’t you let me make good
If you let me, I’ll…


Copyright 2018, Mark Glinsky and Raymy Krumrei