Words and Music by Ron Day and Raymy Krumrei

The other guys had all the luck
I was the one picking up the tux
It was no big thing then
I was happy to be the wingman

Hosting parties, giving toasts
Watching couples getting close
Perfect for each other
Holding the ring you wonder
Just how long till you’re gonna
Find someone to put one on (now it’s)

You and me at the top of that cake
Takin’ the plunge with a leap of faith
I've got the perfect view standing next to you,
Of all the guys you could’ve chose
You tell me no one else comes close
And I still can't believe that I get to be
The best man, the best man
The best man for you

From this day on I promise you
I’ll do whatever I gotta do
To treat you as a treasure
Makin’ the most of forever
less or more rich or poor
You're the one I’m perfect for


And you’re the best for me too

CHORUS (a lifetime next to you)