1. Light You Up


Light You Up
Raymy Krumrei

Yeah it can happen anywhere with you
When we’re alone or in a crowded room
Your eyes meet mine and our hearts ignite

Yeah I could stay forever in your stare
Its like a secret only we can share
Part history part possibility

I really like to fan those embers into flames

I’ll spend my whole life making sure you feel the same

Your smile’s my all time favorite high
And pleasing you is like my drug
I love to light the…
The fireworks inside your eyes
Always blow my mind
I can’t get enough
Yeah I love to light you up

God only knows how I became the one
Who gets you shining brighter than the sun
I hope you see that you do the same to me

You make me feel like your whole world when I’m with you
If I can make you happy girl I’m happy too


Copyright, 2020 Randall Krumrei