Raymy Krumrei, Jonathon Franklin, Kendall Rene

I don’t have the answers to it all
There may be things I’ll never know
In times of doubt and disbelief
I have one certainty

I know you’re real
I was searching till you found me
You were waiting, you are here
I can see you all around me
You’re the whisper in the silence
No, the truth was never hiding
Yes, I know, I know, you’re real


Faith can be such a fleeting thing
‘When faith is the hope in things unseen
But I have seen Your faithfulness
And that’s my evidence


In this moment, In the waiting
In the sorrow or celebrating
In the growing, in the grieving
In the hurting, in the healing

You’re real in the joy and in depression
In my weakness, my confession,

In the peace, in the friction
In the freedom or darkest addiction

Real in rejection, the layoffs, the cancer
You’re real when I’m praying and don’t like the answer

But you are my reason
The gift of salvation
The air that I’m breathing
The God I believe in.


Copyright 2020, All Dressed Up Music