Half a Brain
By Tiffany Gassette and Raymy Krumrei

You’d think I’d have seen your true colors
With all those red flags waving in my face
But when it comes to choosing lovers
A part of me can’t tie its own shoelace
So here I am again all alone
The lights are on but nobody’s home

When I saw you commin’ I should've started runnin’
Should have used my better judgement
It would have saved me so much pain
I’ve always known it had a mind of its own
Just wish my heart had had half a brain

I always hear the voice of reason
Telling me that I should not
Feel the way that I am feeling
But even when it's screaming it ain't the one that’s callin’ the shots


There I go again like a fool rushing in
I know what the wise men say but I do it anyway


Copyright 2018 Tiffany Gassette and Raymy Krumrei