1. God is With Us


GOD IS WITH US (Zechariah’s Song)
Raymy Krumrei

Praise to the God of Israel for redeeming the people He’s called
And for raising a horn of salvation
When born to the world was Christ savior of all

He was born of the house of David as the prophets consistently told
A man of sorrow and grief come to bring us relief
And to free us from sin’s dreadful hold

God is with us (oh yes)
God is with us (praise Him)
God is with us
That’s Christmas
That’s Christmas

He shows mercy to our fathers by upholding the promise He made
To sons of Abraham came the Son of Man
He him self told us “Be not afraid.” Because…


But we’ll never know real peace and comfort
‘till we realize true life has a cost
And we won’t know the joy of the birth of our Lord
‘till we follow Him straight to the cross


Copyright 2009 Raymy Krumrei