It Began with a Scarf

It is a small thing, but it is really indicative of my recent trip to Nashville which concluded yesterday. A few days before leaving for the trip, I was wandering the mall while Jen was shopping and I found a cool scarf in a discount bin. I don't think I have ever bought a scarf in my life and even as I purchased it, it seemed frivolous. For some reason however, I really wanted it so I got it. Our first night in Nashville it started to snow lightly and by the morning an unexpected cold front moved in for a few days, getting down to 10 degrees at one point. Jen and I spent a considerable amount of time waiting out in that cold for various reasons and the scarf was a life saver. It was the first of many little things that were evidence in my mind that God was going before me. The trip was great in many ways and even though I didn't plan as far ahead as I would have liked, the days and nights were filled with great music and the opportunities and networking were confirmation that the time was well spent. Four things, in addition to the scarf, stand out as events only God could orchestrate. First, I made it onto the Bluebird Cafe open mic. I hear it is difficult to get through when calling in, as so many people want to play there. Not only did I get on the list but I was among only five (out of 27) chosen by random selection to play two songs. The songs were well received, and several numbers were exchanged. Second, upon arriving early for Jason Blume's BMI workshop, I ran across a writer who I had met in Hawaii last summer. I spent the day with him and we have plans in the works for collaboration. Third, the publisher who was taking pitches at the workshop is the same publisher who I am already signed up to pitch to in Ventura at the Durango Songwriter's Expo in a month or so. A relationship has begun. Fourth, I have been wanting to meet with a particular ASCAP rep but have been having a hard time connecting with him. In an effort to make some contact with ASCAP I decided to take part in a "get to know" kind of event. As it turns out, it was only myself and another writer and the guy running the event was the very rep I have been hoping to meet. He talked with the two of us for TWO HOURS! Needless to say a great trip. It feels really good to make plans, move forward and see results. It is even more enjoyable when you feel God's loving presence on the journey, This time around it all began with a scarf.